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1201 W 11th Ave
Eugene, OR 97402


M-S: 10AM – 10PM
SUN: 11AM – 7PM​


+1 541-653-9706

Dispensary Serra has a Eugene location bringing you quality drugs and other fine cannabis accessories. We are both OLCC recreational and Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) compliant; medical patients shop tax-free. We can be found approximately 10 blocks west of downtown Eugene, not far from The Kiva Grocery. We are cash-only, accept CanPay payments, and have an ATM available for all customers. Recreational customers must be 21 or older to enter. OMMP patients 18 and older are also welcome.

Cannabis retailer Serra is held in high regards by its customers. We offer quality marijuana from the most revered brands and local Oregon growers, like Prūf Cultivar and Yerba Buena Farms. Additionally, you can purchase edible products that are cannabis infused. We offer chocolate bars made with Oregon’s Woodblock Chocolate as well as other locally made candy and edibles from companies like Peak Extracts.


There are many accessories and marijuana themed products which you can purchase here, including artisan paraphernalia like Hacienda Ware’s geometric ombré pipes and Summerland’s lovely ceramic bongs. Check out vaporizer pens from makers like O.penVape, Select Strains, and more. Serra stores and products are in total compliance with Oregon’s legal medical and recreational marijuana program, so for those who are coming from out of state, there is no need to worry.

Our mission is to create a Eugene dispensary that people will gladly visit for high quality product and service in an informative and non-intimidating environment. Serra stores are eager to greet new members and rekindle the interest of older enthusiasts; we offer superior customer service to anyone and everyone, including assistance in picking out the right type of cannabis for your body and mind.  


Our professionalism is reflected in our Feelings Card, which sets us apart from other dispensaries. The Feelings Card was created for user experience, to make sure you discover the cannabis extract or strain that is the perfect fit for your needs. Less experienced customers might choose a product that does not fit them and have a bad first encounter with marijuana. The Feelings Card has 6 options: relaxed, focused, creative, happy, energetic, and relief. Users pick the desired emotion and our staff members offer them products to invoke the selected emotion. With greater control over their experience, users feel more secure. We also provide the basic THC and CBD test result data for our products, for the more seasoned.

Exterior of Serra Eugene


Serra dispensary stores are designed to stand out from their competitors. From the moment you enter, you will witness unique and beautiful lighting and decor. Our aim is to look luxurious, yet be relaxed and welcoming. After your ID is checked by our receptionist, you can relax in a comfortable chair and help yourself to some water.

Our main area is filled with elegant, custom wooden shelves and numerous metal, glass, and wooden displays. The set-up of this weed store in the Emerald City almost resembles a modern greenhouse, since this is a shop for plants after all. Customers are also free to use our heavy bronze magnifying glass near the flower display boxes, which allows them to have a closer look at the plants we offer and the texture and trichomes of the buds.

Finally, there are small containers with coffee grounds that you can use to clear your scent palette, in order to get a better insight into what you are buying. This is what makes the shopping experience here unique, and we will constantly endeavor to improve for our customers.

Come in and let us help you feel all the feelings.

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