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Los Angeles


Daily: 11AM – 9PM


+1 323-847-5040

Serra is a state-licensed recreational cannabis dispensary in Los Angeles, CA. Located in the middle of the La Brea and Beverly Grove neighborhoods, Serra is a chic destination for any and all cannabis needs while in West Hollywood. Easily accessible by pedestrians, cyclists, public transit via the nearby Fairfax/​3rd bus top, the store also features a parking lot and valet service. We accept cash only, and have an ATM available for customers. Recreational customers must be 21 or older to enter, and licensed patients with medical cards are also welcome.

We at Serra strive to craft an inviting, sophisticated space that serves customers who maybe haven’t yet found a dispensary that meets their standards for environment and experience. Through artful design and trustworthy curation, we aim to provide the highest quality cannabis available in California.

License: C10-0000116-LIC


Inspired by Serra’s name (‘greenhouse’ in Italian), all our stores feature lots of natural light and room to breathe. Large windows look out to West 3rd St., allowing sunlight to illuminate the brass fixtures and shelving. The first of our locations designed by Commune, the LA store has its own unique ambiance, still incorporating signature Serra design elements like our honeycomb floor tile pattern. The clean and modern layout organizes the shop into concentrates, edibles, topicals, and glass display cases of accessories — all focused on the grand, U‑shaped counter displaying all our flowers on Serra blue ceramic dishes and wooden cases, like the pieces of art they are.

Use our iPad menus to browse products, which are organized by the six Serra Feelings: Happiness, Relaxation, Creativity, Energy, Focus, and Relief. You can talk with specialized docents who can help with inquiries beyond the realms of our shelves as well, from CBD clarifications to navigating cannabis terminology.


At our Los Angeles store, you’ll find quality cannabis flower, infused edibles, concentrates, vaporizers, and topicals for your hair down to your toes. Along with Serra Flowers, All-in-One Vaporizers, and Confections, we curate the best of the rest of California’s community of producers and processors.. The shop also offers Serra accessories and artisan smoking paraphernalia from Tetra, Miwak Junior, and more. 


Visitors from out of state have no need to worry, Serra is in total compliance with California’s legal recreational marijuana program. All adults of 21 years of age or older are welcome, even if just to browse and learn more about cannabis.

Come feel all the feelings for yourself.