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High Dose

Hand crafted cannabis-infused treats 
made with higher tolerances in mind.

Serra X Woodblock Chocolate

A rich spectrum of cannabis experiences in 
craft chocolate from Ecuador, Tanzania, and Peru.


Real fruit, vibrant flavor, dynamic doses.
Sweet, versatile treats done right.


Simple ingredients and nostalgic flavors, 
upgraded with a luxurious, complex high.


Eighths of high quality flower, assorted 
pre-roll packs, and single pre-rolls.

All-In-One Cannabis Vaporizer

Flower, squared — no lighter necessary.


We seek out partnerships with companies that share the value of superior ingredients, exceptional experiences, and the joy of creating something unique and distinct.

Have an idea?

Let's build the artful experience that cannabis should be.

Partner with Us
Leafly Portland Edibles Makers Jan2018

Charley Wheelock of Woodblock Chocolate and Holly Hukill, Product Development Director at Serra