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Our Mission

Purveyors of Quality Drugs since 2016, Serra exists to transform the way people look at cannabis through carefully crafted experiences, uncompromising products and inspired partnerships — all tailored to our sophisticated customers’ comforts and curiosities.

With a little art, and a lot of consideration, we believe that showing cannabis in a different light makes it possible for all kinds of people to see how cannabis can enhance their day-to-day lives.

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Quality Goods

We believe cannabis products should make you feel good, from the moment you see it on the dispensary shelf, to the first hint of effects coming on. Our products are made with the finest ingredients and in collaboration with premier partners, crafting exceptional, accessible experiences that help everyone see the beauty in cannabis.

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Modern Retail

Taken from the Italian word for greenhouse,’ Serra’s design is informed and inspired by its name. Offerings are organized by how they make you feel, providing a more intuitive shopping framework for less experienced cannabis consumers who still want the highest quality. Natural light and lush plants — smokable and otherwise — invite customers to feel at ease, linger and explore. 

Serra stores welcome recreational cannabis customers ages 21 and over as well as licensed medical patients.