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Loyalty Program

What do I get for signing up for the loyalty program?

New loyalty members get $10 off $50 for their first in-store purchase. Members must show their Docent the loyalty sign up confirmation email to receive this offer. Loyalty members also receive early access to exclusive offers, text message discounts, special product bundles, major event invitations, and new product announcements. Ask your Docent for more details.

Pickup & Delivery

How much cannabis can I purchase in one day?

You can purchase up to your state’s allowable personal possession quantities, but can only order delivery once per day. Our application will automatically prevent you from ordering more than the legal limits for your state. Below are the legal limits for possession in Oregon:

  • One ounce of usable marijuana;
  • 16 ounces of a cannabinoid product in solid form;
  • 72 ounces of a cannabinoid product in liquid form;
  • Five grams of cannabinoid extracts or concentrates, whether sold alone or contained in an inhalant delivery system;
  • Four immature marijuana plants; and
  • Ten marijuana seeds.

To read more about Oregon’s current limits, visit:

Below are the legal limits for purchase in California:

A recreational cannabis customer may purchase the following in a single day from a licensed retailer:

  • Up to 28.5 grams of non-concentrated cannabis;
  • Up to 8 grams of concentrated cannabis, including concentrate contained in cannabis products;
  • Up to 6 immature cannabis plants.

A medicinal cannabis customer with a physician’s recommendation may purchase the following in a single day from a licensed retailer:

  • Up to 8 ounces of medicinal cannabis in the form of dried mature flowers or the plant conversion;
  • Up to 12 immature cannabis plants;
  • An amount of medicinal cannabis consistent with the patient’s needs as recommended by a physician.

How exactly is this legal?

Any licensed OLCC dispensary may offer their customers the convenience of pre-ordering for pickup. And under ORS 845-025-2880, licensed dispensaries may also offer their customers delivery when they receive written approval from the OLCC.

Under California Code of Regulations Title 16, Division 42, § 5025, cannabis retailers licensed by the Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) and local regulatory authority (i.e. city or county) are authorized to engage in retail sales to customers who are either within the licensed premises or at a compliant delivery address.

Can I get cannabis delivered to my house?

Yes! That is exactly where you should get cannabis delivered. As a consumer, you enjoy the right to order from any residential address. Under OLCC guidelines, we cannot deliver to commercial properties or government buildings.

Under BCC regulations, any jurisdiction within the State of California provided that such delivery is conducted in compliance with all delivery regulations, with the following exceptions: 1) a delivery may only be made to a physical address; 2) no deliveries may be made to an address located on publicly owned land or any address on land or in a building leased by a public agency; and, 3) no deliveries may be made to a school providing instruction in kindergarten or any grades 1 through 12, day care center, or youth center.

When are deliveries and pickup orders available?

Because of OLCC restrictions, all orders must be placed by 8 pm.

For California, BCC regulations provide that retailers may only sell and deliver cannabis goods between the hours of 6:00 a.m. Pacific Time and 10:00 p.m. Pacific Time. Local authorities may have more restricted hours; please check in with us about local hours.

Having trouble placing your order?

For any technical issues please contact our tech hotline at 1.844.943.3566 (1.844.WHEEL.ON).

Why do I need to upload a photo of my ID, even though the Oregon law has changed?

Stemless, which runs our digital delivery platform, is a third-party operator, and not an OLCC license holder. Because of this, IDs may be held by Stemless with your consent. Stemless never allows dispensaries to store personal information, and they safeguard your personal information using multiple databases across multiple servers.

Do I need a medical card to order delivery?

No. At this time, delivery services are focused on recreational customers, ages 21 and over.

How is my information safe?

We take the security of your personal information very seriously. All personal information is spread out over multiple 256-bit encrypted databases.

Why do I need a PIN number?

We have you create a personal pin for your security. Once you enter your account and routing number, we never make it visible again, which protects your sensitive personal information. We also want to ensure that your purchases are intentional, which is why you need to be signed in AND present the pin you created before you can complete an order.

Can I cancel my order or be refunded for a pick-up or delivery order?

If an order is canceled before it has been prepped for pickup or delivery, you will not be charged.

Once the order has been prepared for you, you can still reject it upon arrival; however, the payment will have already gone through and the refund may take 48 hours to show back up in your account.

To cancel, call +1 971-544-7055 as soon as possible.

Because of strict laws under the OLCC, we can only process refunds/returns for faulty cartridges within 7 days of purchase, and proof of purchase will be required. All other sales are final for products accepted by you at pickup or delivery.

California law does not require refunds or returns to be made within a certain amount of time, please contact us for information regarding returns and refunds.

Does Stemless conduct the delivery services?

No. Our own staff operating out of Serra on SE Belmont Street completes the delivery.

Stemless is the digital delivery platform that helps us connect with our customers to facilitate the delivery process.

Is there a delivery fee?

Yes. To cover the cost of delivering the product, there is a fee of $5 added to your order for all deliveries.

How do you determine the service fee?

The 4% service fee is displayed during checkout, this allows us to provide this online ordering platform for your convenience.

How long will my order take to arrive?

Delivery times vary, depending on time of day and order volume; typically, most orders are able to be delivered within 30 minutes. After you receive your order confirmation, you’ll get a call from your driver to confirm that you’ll be available for the delivery time. Additionally, you’ll receive text message updates, as your order makes its way to you. We appreciate your patience!

If I order now, can I pick it up tomorrow?

All orders must be picked up on the same day the order was placed. You will be automatically charged once the order has been prepared for you, whether or not you show up to retrieve it.

Can anyone else pick up or receive my delivery on my behalf?

Unfortunately not. Due to the strict regulations surrounding cannabis, only the person who places the order may receive the delivery. All delivery recipients must present valid ID matching their order information and Stemless account in order to receive their order.

What about medical patients and military discounts?

Our delivery and pick-up services may only be utilized by customers 21 and older, whether or not you are an OMMP patient. Shopping tax-free as an OMMP patient or shopping as an OMMP patient who is 18 to 20 years old is not yet available through our online ordering platform. OMMP patients 18 and older can shop cannabis products tax-free in person at any of our store locations. To find out how to utilize our veteran/military discount while ordering online, please contact us at

California recently passed Senate Bill 34, which will go into effect on January 1, 2020. The new law allows cannabis licensees to donate cannabis and cannabis products to qualified medical patients who have difficulty accessing cannabis or cannabis products and exempts those products from state taxation. California authorities have not released details on how this new law will be implemented, but we will update our customers as soon as we know more.

What kind of bank account do I need?

Any kind of bank account will work. As long as there is enough cash in your account to cover your purchase, the transaction should be smooth and simple.

My order got declined. What happened?

There could be a few reasons why your order was declined:

1. A product in your order may be out of stock. Please reload the site and try again.
There may be an issue with the validity of your driver’s license or other account information. Check your account to see that your ID and payment information is up-to-date.
Something completely unrelated to either of the above two issues – if this happens, a representative from Stemless will call you to discuss your order and next steps. If you need additional assistance from the Serra team, please email or call +1 971-544-7055.

Is the THC level for my product accurate?

The THC or CBD levels listed are provided by the vendor or brand of that product and are based on mandatory testing required by the OLCC and California law. For edibles, be sure to follow the serving recommendations listed on the product, and wait until the full activation time before consuming more. Effects vary from person to person, based on body chemistry and other variable factors, so always exercise caution when trying a new product.

Are those real product photos?

Sometimes! Whenever possible, we provide real photos of the products. When it’s not possible, like when a product is new to us and we haven’t had a chance to photograph it, we may use a placeholder image.

Can I use the loyalty program with my online purchase?

No, the loyalty program is for in-store purchases only.

Are you hiring drivers? How do I apply?

We may be hiring for delivery drivers or other positions within our dispensaries. Please send resumes and cover letters detailing your availability, experience, and what position you are interested in to

Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policies

We take the utmost care to make sure your order is immaculately packed and presented. During the business week, we ship most orders the same day you place your order, provided your order is placed before 4pm EST.

Domestic Shipping

We offer a multitude of domestic shipping options via United Parcel Service (UPS) and a growing number of options via the United States Postal Service (USPS). Shipping costs are calculated during checkout and are based on the weight, size, and destination of the order. We ship to locations within the United States and U.S. territories, including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the US Virgin Islands.

International Shipping

At this time we do not ship outside of the United States.

Return & Exchange Policies

If you are not satisfied within the first 30 days of your purchase, simply return it to us in like-new condition and we will happily accept your return and process a refund or exchange.

Products for return or exchange should be sent to the address below. To request a copy of the returns and exchanges questionnaire simply email us at

Send returns and exchanges to:

220 SW First Ave - Portland, OR 97204

Email us directly at if you have any questions on how you might best return an item to us.

Still have a question?