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Serra beliefs are these; respect, diversity, equality, and love. We have opened our doors and built our communities based on these core values which aid in nurturing a safe, whole-hearted, and welcoming environment to all of our customers, and our employees.

As we have become licensed in Oregon’s recreational cannabis system, we have worked hard to foster those ideals. We will continue to insist that all of our employees exhibit those similar values. As a company, we oppose all hatred and judgment and take allegations against Serra very seriously. We ask for patience as we work through troubling concerns that have recently come to our attention.

Serra does not ignore, endorse or tolerate any behaviors or actions of sexism, racism, discrimination or hatred in any form for any reason. Matter of fact, we make this statement against it. Serra stands committed to fostering our values of love, inclusiveness, and diversity in all of our stores and all of our business dealings.