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Feel All the Feelings

We know that finding what you are looking for in different strains of cannabis can be difficult, so we wanted to make it easy. At Serra, we have all of our cannabis offerings organized by something very familiar and intuitive to all of us — our feelings.

While it is impossible to represent every feeling in the human experience, we focused on six universal catagories that apply: FocusRelief, Relaxation, Energy, Happiness, and Creativity. Look for the icon that is closest to the feeling you are wanting to achieve, and use that as your guide. And, if you are having any trouble, our Docents are always happy to help you find your way.

Energy is our take on the infinity symbol. Look for this icon to unlock infinite energy from sativa-dominant strains.
Focus is a simplified arrowhead; this icon designates our strains that help you achieve an arrow-sharp focus.
Happiness brings us full circle; when you need a reset on your mood, look to our happiness strains for an uplift.
Creativity allows us to look at ideas from a new perspective, turn preconceptions on their side, and think outside the box.
Relaxation is stable; it's a break after a long day. Look for this icon to find indica-dominant strains that promote a restful state.
Relief helps ease your ailments. X marks our CBD-dominant strains and other products that soothe those little aches and pains.
Accessories represent all five senses. Entice and engage your senses with our fine cannabis accoutrements.