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Feast 2019

September 16, 2019

At the 8th annual Feast Portland, Serra was proud to return as a sponsor and added to the celebration of food, drink and fun by launching the gourmet Matcha Coconut Gumdrop during the festivities. As Feast’s first cannabis partner in past years, it was Serra’s intention to create a new gumdrop flavor not only inspired by the partnership with Tea Bar, but one crafted especially for sophisticated palates rather than bang-for-your-buck, candy-inspired edibles. 

Much more than just a food fest, this Bön Appetit event is an unparalleled celebration of the food we love to eat and the people with whom we break bread. The truly unique event highlights chefs, winemakers, brewers, farmers, artisans and makers in Oregon and how they connect with and inspire the rest of the world. Through expansive one-of-a-kind large-scale events, intimate hands-on classes and collaborative dinners and thought-provoking panels, Feast has welcomed guests from around the globe and donated more than $450,000 to hunger relief charities helping to fight hunger in Oregon.

This year, Serra hosted a booth in the Big Feast where people could sample non-infused Matcha Coconut Gumdrops along with the entire Confection Collection. With partnerships like the one with Tea Bar, Woodblock Chocolate, Stumptown Coffee, and Jacobsen Salt Company, Serra edibles feel right at home in the foodie fetes. 

Adorned in custom florals by Manu, the lush booth evoked a Serra jungle in another dimension, where matcha flavored coconuts grow on trees and cannabis-inspired treats have a place at the finest of gourmet experiences.