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Green Wednesday at Serra: Deals, Festivities, and Quality Drugs

November 21, 2022

Before Santa comes to visit, before the big-box chaos of Black Friday, and before the turkey hits the dinner table, there’s one holiday celebrated by cannabis users worldwide that makes all the subsequent holidays all the more enjoyable: Green Wednesday.

A relatively new but quickly growing cultural event, Green Wednesday has become one of the most widely celebrated marijuana-based holidays alongside days like April 20th (4/20). Going down the day before Thanksgiving, the day has historically been one of the busiest of the year for cannabis retailers as users flock to stores to stock up on supplies before everything effectively shuts down for Turkey Day. Never ones to shy away from a party, the community slowly morphed it into a recognized holiday, fostering some of the best deals of the year and providing users with even more reasons to enjoy their favorite cannabis indulgences.

And here at Serra, nothing gets us more excited than community-driven cannabis events. So, we’ve posted some of our best deals yet and organized some festivities to celebrate this year’s Green Wednesday and the wonderful, thriving community that it represents. While we’re at it, we decided to invite some of our friends along as well!

From 12 pm to 4 pm on Green Wednesday (November 23rd), Serra will host one of our signature parking lot parties in front of our storefront in Los Angeles. Complete with a DJ, exclusive deals, and good vibes, the afternoon will kick off the coming holiday season the way only the cannabis community can.

Infused Drinks — Cann

Several of our favorite brands in the cannabis space will be joining us as well. Of them is Cann, who will bring along their signature line of THC and CBD-infused drinks. Offering the buzz without the booze,” Cann offers a health-conscious alternative to traditional alcoholic beverages, all without sacrificing the fun of grabbing drinks with friends. Sociable, simple, and refreshing, Cann is quickly becoming a mainstay in the world of drinkable cannabis.

Flower | Pre-Roll — Cherry World

Also joining us is Cherry World, an apparel and cannabis brand with a knack for laid-back, carefree aesthetics. At the intersection of weed, fashion, art, skateboarding, and culture, Cherry World stresses raw expression and a tangible sense of fun with everything they do. Their line of pre-rolls is so beautifully packaged, you almost find yourself not wanting to break into them. But we implore you to do so, because once you do, you’ll find some of the most quality marijuana in L.A.

Blunts | Pre-Rolls — El Blunto

El Blunto is also set to grace us with their presence, offering up their high-quality, cigar-style pre-rolls and flower. Featuring small-batch, limited runs of highly potent marijuana, El Blunto brings a unique perspective to the cannabis space. Exhibiting a modern take on the historic tradition of cigar making, El Blunto’s rolls are elegant, labored over, and always of the highest quality.

Gummies | Flower | Vapes — Leune

Leune, another community-driven cannabis brand, will be making an appearance as well, showcasing both their wide range of products and their conscientious mission statement. Beyond their quality gummies, flower, and vapes, Leune recognizes their position in the industry and puts their money where their mouth is. Championing causes like The Last Prisoner Project or the Floret Coalition, Leune understands that as much they love today’s cannabis community, there’s still important work to be done.

All the way from the future, Time Machine is set to bring their specialty flower and pre-rolls to the parking lot too. Sourced from Pacific Stone’s premium greenhouse cannabis, Time Machine implores users to smoke like your future depends on it.” And who are we to argue with that?

Gummies — Space Gem

Then, for all of our premium gummy needs, Space Gems has been kind enough to join the fun and bring along their THC-infused treats. Vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, corn-free, and made with solventless hash, Space Gem’s handcrafted edibles are as thoughtfully created as they are delicious and potent. They claim to infuse their products with miracles, and we’re hard-pressed to state otherwise.

Full Flower — True Classic

Finally, True Classic are coming along with their 25 years of experience cultivating premium indoor cannabis. High-quality and no-nonsense, True Classic hold themselves to the highest standards of consistency and freshness, harvesting their weed weekly to ensure the freshest possible flower. They’re basically legends at what they do, and it’s no secret why.

Come check out all of these brands and more on Green Wednesday. Spend the afternoon capitalizing on tantalizing deals, treating yourself, and enjoying the cannabis community we’re so lucky to be a part of. 

As if all of this wasn’t already enough, Serra couldn’t help but get in on the action too: 

Spend $100 (before tax) and get a Green Wednesday Bag for $1!

Flavors of products may be subject to availability.

The bag is stuffed with goodies like one gram of Glass House flower, Kin Slips, a Garden Society preroll, Garden Society gummies, a Seven Leaves preroll, a Cann drink, and Kikoko Mints. Claim yours while supplies last.

But that still wasn’t up to our Green Wednesday standards, so we’re also offering a special deal on

Kiva products: buy any two and get one for just $1!

November 23rd through Monday, November 28th.

And just so everyone can take full advantage of the Green Wednesday spirit, we’re extending this promotion through the week. It’ll kick off on Green Wednesday (November 23) and be available through Monday, November 28th.

Green Wednesday only comes once a year, so let’s make it one to remember. Be sure to take advantage of Serra’s all-day deals, and stick around for the rest of Serra’s coming holiday promotions.