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Meet the Five Cannabis Brands Invited to Serra’s Parking Lot Activation

October 11, 2022

In September, Serra’s Los Angeles location held an outdoor event, inviting some of the best cannabis brands in the industry to introduce themselves at a parking lot party. It was a farmer’s market for marijuana lovers, expanding beyond a simple showcase of products with palpable energy, great conversation, and a strong sense of community.

We believe so strongly in the brands that helped make the event possible that we wanted to share the love and spotlight what makes them so special. Of course, they all offer amazing products, but each also exemplifies the values we think should define the cannabis industry. They exist at the intersection of quality drugs and quality practices, and we couldn’t be more excited to share a space with them.

So, without further ado, here are some of our favorite people in the cannabis space.


Pamos produces premium alcohol-free, cannabis-infused spirits and cocktails. Naturally flavored and absent of allergens, Pamos’ line of ready-to-drink products is a fast-acting, guilt-free alternative for any cocktail situation.

Yet, Pamos offers more than just liquid marijuana. Rooted in a belief that enjoying a moment to its fullest extent shouldn’t come at the price of tomorrow, Pamos promotes a healthy, sustainable option for those times when a drink is in order.

Yada Yada

Yada Yada was founded with two words in mind: Easy” and Breezy.” More than just every stoner’s motto, Yada Yada set out to make a line of cannabis products that would simply be as uncomplicated as possible. Passionate users themselves, they’ll go deep into the details with anyone who wants to, but Yada Yada wanted to strike a balance that would satisfy the seasoned smoker and the newbie alike.


Founded in 2014, Bloom came onto the scene with one mission: to respect the marijuana plant and create products that are as true to nature as possible. They’ve fostered a culture of what they dub passionate stoners” and have only improved upon the quality of their rosin.

It’s a true labor of love. Based in Los Angeles, they’ve remained a pillar of the marijuana community as the industry continues to grow. If passion could somehow register as a flavor note, it would be found in all of Bloom’s products. Their energy is contagious and as euphoric as their weed, and that’s why on October 25th, for our Tuesday Cart Min, if you spend $70, get a Bloom cartridge for only $1!


The perfectly named Slimmies offers premium indoor-grown, single-strain marijuana pre-rolls. Specifically portioned and housed in their signature sleek packaging, Slimmies are resilient, convenient, and high-quality.

Even more important than their admittedly chill aesthetic, however, is how dedicated they are to ethical practices and community building from top to bottom. It starts with the harvesting of their cannabis, as they partner with sustainable farms that employ practices such as low-energy lighting, near-zero water waste, and off-grid power. On the back end, they go the extra mile to engage with the marijuana scene. Just check out their website, where they publish playlists to accompany their products. 

We love their vibe, so on October 9th, we’re having Slimmie Sunday, where you can buy a 10-pack of Slimmies and get a two-pack for just $1!


At its heart, Artet is a family business. Equally inspired by the history of cannabis and the history of aperitivo culture, two brothers and a cousin joined forces to fuse their two interests. The result is a line of premium cannabis-based drinks, from spritzes to aperitifs.

Artet is a strong force in the emerging world of legal marijuana, and that’s not a position they take for granted. They understand that the privilege to produce and sell such products has left many wronged by the justice system behind bars for non-violent, marijuana-related crimes. So, every quarter, the company donates 2.5% of its earnings to The Last Mile and The Center for Antiracist Research. They’re listening, reacting, and setting an example for others in the space to help fight such injustices.

Since our inception, we’ve strived to create a welcoming, sophisticated space for everyone in the cannabis community regardless of their experience, crafting a unique storefront experience through artful, creative design. Providing quality drugs from quality brands is a major part of making that dream a reality, and that’s why we’re proud to offer each of these brands at Serra’s Los Angeles location. Not only do they stay true to our goal of providing the highest quality marijuana available in California, but they’re also synchronous with our grander vision of the kind of community we want to be a part of. Find and support these producers on our menu, and keep an eye out for when they’re featured on our daily deals (new deals every day of the week)!