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Hocus Toke-Us! Serra and Slab Team Up to Offer Deals at Fall-tastic Event

October 27, 2022

You might know Serra and Slab as neighbors, two businesses near each other with a similar commitment to high-quality products, but who are otherwise unconnected. Well, as the leaves change and the spookiest time of the year approaches, we decided that it was time to embrace our neighborly relationship. On Saturday, October 29th, Serra and Slab will throw a parking lot party full of vendors, great deals, and even better vibes. The day will serve as a celebration of each business’ respective specialty, as well as the community they’ve proudly become a part of. 

Slab will bring their passion for mouthwatering barbeque to Serra’s parking lot, setting up a table to offer a variety of promotions. To start, they’re offering a coupon for a free side order with any minimum purchase from Serra. Here at Serra, we wanted to repay the love, and as such will also be dispersing coupons for a free pre-roll with every slab purchase.

It’s bound to be another fantastic community-driven event, and so we wanted to make sure to get as many of our friends involved as possible. In addition to Serra’s high-quality drugs and Slab’s high-quality meats, several additional brands will also be making an appearance to show their appreciation for the local community. Here’s a quick breakdown of who’ll be in attendance.

A Golden State

Conceived in northern California, A Golden State brings a fresh, innovative, highly passionate perspective to the cannabis space. A long-standing pillar of the community, their premium flower and dedication to educating those new to the world of marijuana are as awe-inspiring as they are important. It’s folks like A Golden State that not only provide us with high-quality cannabis products, but make the process rewarding from top to bottom.

Drew Martin

Another innovator in the cannabis industry, Drew Martin crafts botanically blended pre-rolls with an emphasis on shared moments. Their strains are powerful, potent, and deceptively simple. Martin brands themselves with the motto pre-rolled, but never pre-defined,” which perfectly cuts to the core of their brand. Lighting up one of their pre-rolls sparks the all-important question: what’s next?

Garden Society

Specializing in delicious edibles and sun-grown pre-rolls, Garden Society stresses the importance of responsible farming, sustainable practices, and, of course, the highest-quality products. Founders Erin Gore and Karli Warner have crafted a conscientious brand that focuses on educating cannabis consumers, not merely serving them. They’re setting the standard of how a business in the weed industry can operate — and they’re making some damn good products while they do it.


Lime’s all-in-one rechargeable vapes, small-batch flower, rich concentrates, and artisan edibles pledge to redefine the limits of what cannabis products can accomplish. Focused on community outreach, high potency, and overall affordability, Lime is making premium products accessible at an impressive scale. As they say, the best things in life come with a lime on the side.”

Potent Goods

Founded by a mother-son duo, Potent Goods is a luxurious brand seeking to create a cannabis line that’s as visually appealing as it is potent. Fusing apparel lines and marijuana products, Potent Goods sticks to their goals of high potency, sleek packaging, and a drool-worthy aesthetic all in the name of comfort, euphoria, and imagination.

Rose Delights | Rose Los Angeles

California brand Rose produces high-quality rosin, a pure, full-spectrum cannabinoid extract that comes from the marijuana plant itself. Their specialty process is done in-house and reimagines cannabis production to be as respectful to the source as possible. This led Rose to be the first recreational edible brand that exclusively used flower rosin, resulting in one of the cleanest, purest products available.


Creating THC-infused canned drinks, Wunder provides an alternative to alcoholic beverages. Hangover-free, delicious, and only 25 – 50 calories, Wunder’s line of beverages promotes healthy, sustainable lifestyles. With low-dose and high-dose options, as well as a variety of flavors, Wunder’s premium products might just flip your party rituals upside down.

Catch all of these brands, as well as Serra and Slab, on Saturday, October 29th, and grab some goodies that will make you say Hocus Toke-Us!” this Halloween weekend. Stop by for the wonderful deals, and stay for the welcoming, supportive community we are lucky enough to be a part of.